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Vela Lash Bar

Lash Training Kit for Eyelash Extension

Lash Training Kit for Eyelash Extension

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The lash extension kit came well packaged in a cardboard box with the soft silicone mannequin head in a plastic sleeve and each individual item in sealed separate packaging.

You get the following items in this kit:

1 silicone lash mannequin head

6 removable eyelids

1 straight tweezer (very pointed sharp tips), 1 curved tweezer (very pointed sharp tips) 

1 eyelash extension glue (they are a little runny so need to be careful, and before use, please shave for few seconds) 

 1 Glue remover

1 Tweezer Cleaner

1 Eyelash Shampoo, which helps cleaning

2 trays of 5 sets each full strip eyelashes

2 packs of 0.07D mix single lash extensions for premade fans

1 Fan to help dry the glue (with could also be used for nails) 

1 bag of pink glue rings, total is 50 pcs

2 sheets of glue stickers

2 sheets of lash placement guides

1 bag of pink mini micro brushes (have a variety of uses besides lashes & nails), 20 pcs in total

 1 pack of pink small eye lash/brow brushes, 50 pcs in total

1 pack of pink eye shadow brushes, 50 pcs in total

1 small scissor (sharp pointed edges) 

1 small pink silicone pad (holding lashes, nails, jewels, etc) 

20 packs of white under eye pads

2 rolls of eyelid tape

This Lash extension practice kit is pretty complete and can always make you keep busy attempting to make premade fan lash extensions and applying them to the mannequin head.

Moreover that, update Lash Mannequin Head has 4 pairs of replaceable eyelids, which can help lash artists practice the placement of different types of eyelashes extensions at the same time.

And, there are more than enough disposable rings, stickers, brushes, and wands to last through many practices, DIY, or a sleepover party.

  • [Everything Needed for Lash Extension] It came will all sorts of necessities/tools for doing complete lash extensions and this eyelash extension practice kit paired well with a plastic vanity organizer as a gift, since there are so many different kinds of tools, included plenty of mixed & classic individual lashes, mascara wands, brushes, rings for glue, lash glue & glue remover, highly precise tweezer, eyelash dryer fan, eyelash mannequin head with removable eyelids, tape, jade stone, etc.
  • 【Detailed Instruction Inside You Need as a Beginner】Step-by-step Instructions are very detailed and nicely arranged so that you can create your projects without any confusion. Came with a storage bag and everything fits in it with no problems.
  • [Enough Eyelash Extension tools for Exercise] The individual eyelashes are soft and like natural eyelash, and tweezers can accurately help you grip the eyelashes, which are convenient during a lash set. Five-point practice isolation paper can also ensure eyelash isolation quickly. The electric fan provided is strong, glue sticker rings,eyelash glue, glue remover, tape and large quantity disposal cleaning stickers, lash brushes for multiple practice. All the pink aesthetics in this package.
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