FAQ + Info

Facts and Information:

Appointments + Booking

You can schedule appointments at Vela Lash Bar with as little as 4 hours' notice. To secure and confirm your booking, a Non-Refundable 50% deposit is required for all appointments. 

Arriving after 10 minutes late to your appointment will automatically incur a $15 fee. Appointments arriving more than 10 minutes late will result in a no-show and incur a $35 No-Show Fee.

We do not service children under the age of 13. Unless it is a simple brow clean-up with parent authorization and form filled out.

Important Information:


Appointment rules

  • No extra Guest allowed
  • No pets allowed. Unless VALID service animal.
  • No children allowed. And no they cannot wait in the car on our business grounds. We do not want to be liable or have them be a liability within our facility
  • No smell of Marijuana
  • Arriving 10 minutes late will result in a No-Show fee + a Canceled appointment


  • Appointments not confirmed will be canceled 24 hours before said appointment
  • Appointments missed will be canceled and reflected as a No-Show with a $35 convenience fee
  • Appointments canceled by the appointment holder without rescheduling will forfeit a non-refundable deposit 

Groupon information

  • Click the booking link now! And click to book an appointment and select Groupon to book and redeem
  • Groupon vouchers are verified ad redeemed immediately and used to book and confirm your appointment
  • Groupon must match the email address on file to book and confirm the appointment
  • Groupon vouchers must be used by the person whose name is on the voucher unless the authorized voucher holder permits another person to utilize and redeem by booking the appointment or notifying us by email.
  • Groupon bookings confirmed can not be rescheduled free. To reschedule, there is a $35 fee will be automatically applied to book and confirm your next appointment.

Please fill out the needed forms for your appointment sent to you.

Membership Terms + conditions

You agree to be charged on a recurring basis for the term set out by Vela Lash Bar. In the event that your payment fails, you and Vela Lash Bar will be notified. Fresha will attempt to take payment for the membership the day before it expires, and if it fails, again after 24 hours, 48 hours and finally after 4 days. If all of these payments fail, your membership will automatically cancel.


This price is non-refundable and non-negotiable. 

This price is set and cannot be combined with vouchers, groupons, sales, discounts or specials. 

Price is firm. Only purchaser is allowed to use the membership. No exceptions! 

Carryovers of unused items within the month is not applicable to the next month. All memberships are paid on the first or when membership has started.

If membership is cancelled, please note that this is a non-refundable and non-negotiable fee regardless of non use. Vela Lash Bar has the right to collect and send payments to collection if balance has not been paid after 30 days. Cancelling a card or deleting profile to not be charged still allows Vela Lash Bar to submit for collection or to retain the balance that is unpaid. Please contact Vela Lash Bar at Contact@VelaLashBar.com for more information or inquiry


To reschedule appointments at Vela Lash Bar, kindly provide a 48-hour notice. Failure to do so will result in a $35 no-show fee, which will be applied to your next appointment. We prioritize appointment times and service quality, considering them of the utmost importance. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise or if you're unable to attend, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Not allowed


The training offered at our establishment is designed to enhance service and knowledge training. 

We do not offer training for specific brands, state + professional licenses, or accredited courses. 

However, we provide certificates upon completion of our training, which serve as evidence of acquired service and knowledge training. 

Our training is open to all individuals. However, non-licensed professionals are not permitted to provide services or use the name of Vela Lash Bar and its affiliates to offer services to the public. 

Please be aware that our training fees are non-refundable. 

If you have paid for a training course but are unable to attend, you must contact us within 45 days to reschedule for a date within that time frame.

 Failure to do so will result in forfeit of your payment for the course. 

If you dispute a payment for a training course (under the claim of "no goods and services received" or similar language), we reserve the right to invoice a $1000 inconvenience fee in addition to the original amount. 

All of our training is non-refundable!

Failure to pay this invoice within 90 days will result in legal action to recover both the inconvenience fee and the original amount without further notice or approval. 

This language is provided with more details on your training forms.

Waxing Information

At Vela Lash Bar, our body waxing services utilize Hard wax, Soft wax, or Sugar Wax options. 

For each client seeking this service, we provide an assessment form to determine their suitability. This assessment form must be completed and reviewed before any waxing service is administered. 

Failure to have the form completed + approved will result in your appointment being canceled and prompted for the conversion of your deposit into a Gift card.

The completion of the assessment form is essential to ensure that we provide appropriate and accurate service to every client. We pride ourselves on serving all individuals without discrimination. We welcome clients who are transitioning and encourage them to book with us without hesitation.

Please note that Brazilian and Manzilian waxings require maintenance every 4-6 weeks for optimal results. We do not offer touch-up services.