• Course Overview

    Elevate your lash application skills with the Vela Lash Bar Beginner Lash Training Course. This comprehensive 4-hour training is designed for beginners and covers everything you need to know to start your journey toward becoming a lash professional.

  • Why Enroll in the Vela Lash Bar Beginner Lash Training?

    • Expert Instruction: Learn from seasoned lash professionals.
    • Hands-On Experience: Practice with real models under expert supervision.
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: From basic techniques to advanced tips.
    • Affordable: Special introductory price of just $99

  • Course Highlights

    1. Introduction to Eyelash Extensions
    • Understanding different types of lash extensions• Choosing the right lash style for different eye shapes
    2. Tools and Products
    • Essential tools of the trade: tweezers, adhesive, lash applicator
    • Product knowledge: adhesives, primers, and lash varieties
    3. Preparation and Safety
    • Sanitation and hygiene practices
    • Prepping the natural lashes for extensions
    • Client consultation and lash mapping
    4. Application Techniques
    • Step-by-step application process
    • Proper use of adhesives and isolation techniques
    • Applying lashes for a natural and glamorous look
    5. Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    • Common issues and how to solve them
    • Lash aftercare instructions for clients
    • Maintaining lash health and extensions
    6. Advanced Tips and Tricks
    • Customizing lash sets for different looks
    • Tips for improving speed and efficiency
    • Building a portfolio and attracting clients

  • What You’ll Get

    • Hands-On Training: Practical experience with guidance from experts.
    • Training Manual: A detailed manual covering all aspects of lash application.
    • Starter Kit: Essential tools and products to get you started.
    • Certificate of Completion: Acknowledging your new skills and readiness to offer lash services.

  • Special Offer

    Enroll now and get the Vela Lash Bar Beginner Lash Training Course for only $99. This special price is available for a limited time, providing unbeatable value for comprehensive, professional training.